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Can I set the Text Tool InfoBar to display all the text controls on the main bar?

The following controls are located within a flyout menu on the Text tool InfoBar.

  • Space before paragraph
  • Space after paragraph
  • Baseline shift
  • Tracking
  • Kerning
  • Aspect ratio

Place your mouse pointer over the ab icon  causing the flyout to display.


Designer Pro and Photo & Graphic Designer allow you to remove the flyout bar and move the controls back to the main Text tool InfoBar.  This is achieved by editing your registry and should only be done if you are comfortable in making changes to your registry settings.

Any alterations to your registry settings are made at your own risk. Please do not edit any values other than those listed below.

  • Close down your Xara program.
  • Open your registry editor and browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Xara\[program]\[version]\Options\Bars f
  • Right click on the value name SuperWideInfobar and select modify
  • Change the value data from to 1 and press the OK button
  • Close the registry viewer and start your Xara program.

Please contact support to obtain the exact key name for the version you are using.

Changes from V12

New Advanced Text Toolbar

In previous versions of Designer, the Text Tool InfoBar had a flyout bar on the end, which gave access to additional text controls that wouldn’t fit on the main InfoBar. Alternatively users could choose to have an extended Text Tool InfoBar, containing all controls. We’ve now replaced both these options with an additional toolbar which you can turn on and off using the button toggle button on the end of the Text InfoBar. When turned on, the additional bar only appears when you are in the Text Tool. By default the bar appears below the InfoBar, but as with all bars in Designer, you can drag the bar to another location. If you have a wide enough screen you may wish to move it to the right side of the InfoBar.

Here the Advanced text Toolbar has been moved to appear at the end of the text Infobar. The … icon switches this extra toolbar on or off

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