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Can I copy and paste an entire page?

Since version 7, you can copy and paste whole pages in the current document or paste pages to another document. This copies the page dimensions, layers and other page attributes in addition to all the objects on the page.

Copying/Cut a page

  • Clear the selection by hitting escape or clicking on an empty part of the page or pasteboard. The status line says “No objects selected”. 
  • Press Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy the current page to the clipboard. 
  • Move to the page in the current document, or in a different document, after which you want the copied/cut page to appear. 
  • Press Ctrl+V on your keyboard and the page on the clipboard is added as a new page immediately following the current page.

If the document into which you paste a page has the “All pages in document the same”  option turned on, the dimensions of the pasted page will be overridden by the page dimensions of the document. So the new page will be given the same dimensions as all the other pages in the document.

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