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Can I see example websites created in Xara?

Yes, take a look at  This site was created with Web Designer 12 (2016), it is also an introduction to using the product. You can find the document itself in the Designs Gallery of Web Designer in a folder called First Look. 

We also have several example pages created in Web Designer to demonstrate websites with mobile variants and Supersites: (a responsive site - the Vue theme with desktop, tablet and mobile variants)

Example 1 (a Supersite with transitions. It's also responsive to both browser width and tablet orientation)
Example 2 (a scrolling Supersite version of this design, responsive to tablet orientation only)

Example 3 (the current Release Notes as a vertically scrolling Supersite)
Example 4 (the V10 Release Notes as a Supersite with transitions)

Example 5 (a responsive Supersite with transitions, Scale to Fit selected) 

And we have added several example sites created in Web Designer Premium to demonstrate the sticky objects, stretching backgrounds and animation types:

Example 1 (with NavBar and logo stuck to the top, social buttons stuck to the left and a footer stuck to the bottom, the top photo and pink panel stretch across the whole width)

Example 2 (on reveal animations - buttons on photo heading slide in from right and left, circular photos fade in, and Headlines slide in from right and left)

And finally we have an example site created with the latest Web Designer Premium to demonstrate the new animation effects and content:

Example 1 (with a parallax effect on the heading graphic, new scrolling animations, percentage ring and chart SmartShapes, a photo grid and new photo panels)

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