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Do new object get most recent attributes?

All designer products have "give new objects most recent attributes" enabled by default.  This option is controlled from within the General tab of Page options.

When you draw a new object it takes on the attributes (e.g. the color, line style etc) of not just the last object drawn, but of the last object selected.


Additionally there are now two sets of attributes remembered, one for closed shapes and one for lines. This means that when you draw a line and change its style, say to be a certain thickness, with a certain arrowhead style, that the next line will take on the same appearance, but the next closed shape will not take on this line style.

In summary,  any newly drawn shapes will take on the style (including line style) of the last drawn, or the last selected, shape.  Newly drawn lines take on the style of the last selected line.

Pressing Esc with no selected object will return to the default line and fill styles.

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