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Can I insert Flash files in my web site with Web Designer?

Xara Web Designer allows you to insert Flash files (.swf files) in your web pages.  The swf file being inserted does not need to be created in Web Designer.  You can therefore insert a Flash file in your web page which has been created in any program.

  1. Create a placeholder in your web page using the Rectangle tool.  Ensure the placeholder is sized accordingly.
  2. With the placeholder selected, click on Web Properties followed by the Placeholder tab. Select the radio button labelled Replace with Flash
  3. Click on the browse button, navigate to the location on your machine where the swf file is saved and double click the file to select it prior to clicking on Apply or OK to apply the change.

Preview your web page and you will see that the placeholder object has been replaced with the swf file.  Upon exporting your web page, the swf file will automatically be copied to the same location as where your graphics associated with your web page is saved.  For example, exporting a page named index will cause a folder named index_files to be exported to the same directory as the web page.  The folder will contain all files associated with your web page including the swf file.


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