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My changes are not appearing online after publishing

My page is not appearing at all online after publishing

If you are getting a 404 (not found) error, a blank page or other similar result, this can be down to a number of factors below:

  1. Confirm you have published to the correct sub-folder on your host. Most hosts have a directory called "public_html", "www" or other such name which is where you need to publish in order for your website to appear. Easiest way to find out is to get your host to confirm where you should be publishing to.
  2. Your first page is named something other than "index". Most, if not all hosts are configured to look for the page "index" when people visit your site, and if this doesn't exist, visitors to your site will get an error.
  3. You have designed your website on a layer that is not visible by default (either a pop-up layer or the MouseOver layer). Open the Page & Layer gallery and check what layer your website is on.

My page is not appearing correctly after updating / publishing

If your page is publishing but not appearing as you have designed it or the changes are not showing through, this can be caused by either one of the below:

  1. Your browser is caching the old website. Simply press Ctrl + F5 to force refresh, or Ctrl + Shift + Delete and click ok. Refresh now.
  2. You have made the changes to a layer which is not visible by default. Open the page and layer gallery and see what layer your new content is on.
  3. You have published to a directory different to where you website has been originally published to. It may be worth exploring the webspace of your host to see where you have published to and where you should be publishing.
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