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Can I use the enhance transparency type on vector objects?

The Enhance transparency type introduced in version 6 can be applied to any object within the program. This means the controls from the photo tool (brightness, contrast, brightness levels, color saturation, color temperature) can be applied to any object.

It acts like other transparency types, by showing the objects underneath the shape, but the items under are 'enhanced' by any of the Photo tool controls such as brightness, contrast etc.

This means you can now have a floating 'enhance' shape that, for example, brightens anything it is over - photo, text or drawing. There are two way to create floating 'enhance' shapes.

  1. Go into Mask Mode by selecting the image icon and now draw your required shape. Now go into the Photo tool image and adjust one of the enhance slider such as the brightness value.


  2. Draw any shape using any shape creation tools on top of your photo or drawing. In the Transparency tool image select the new Enhance type of transparency. This will temporarily make the shape go invisible. Now in the Photo tool image adjust any of the enhance values.

Now you can drag this shape over anything in your document and it will brighten anything it's over.

You can use the transparency tool to adjust the degree to which this blends with the background photo.

imageHere is an example spectrum filled rectangle with with a freehand shape drawn on top of it and given an Enhance Transparency type of 100% de-saturated. This has also been given a graduated transparency so the effect fades from one end to the other.

Objects with Enhance Transparency are just perfectly normal vector objects which can can be placed over any drawing, not just photos. You can use the Transparency slider to adjust the overall transparency or 'blend' of the effect and even apply graduated transparency to create a gradual fade of the enhance effect, such as in the above example.

Note: If you are applying Enhance Transparency to photos you can use the Blur / Sharpen control to blur or sharpen the shape or masked area of a photo. But if you're using a free-floating shape with Enhance Transparency it is not possible to apply Blur or Sharpen effects.

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