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Is there a comparison chart for Xara Desktop products?

The goal of Web Designer is to offer an easy to use, uncluttered tool specifically for creating web pages, websites and web graphics.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer (formerly called Xtreme) is intended more for print graphics, illustration and photo work. If you own Photo & Graphic Designer you will find it provides a good solution for creating individual web graphics, but if you intend to do web page or website design then you might want to consider adding Web Designer or upgrading your Photo & Graphic Designer to Designer Pro.

Designer Pro is our top of the range product and includes everything in Web Designer Premium, Photo & Graphic Designer and Page & Layout Designer, so there is no reason to buy these individual packages if you own Designer Pro.

We have put together a comparison table to show the differences between Designer Pro, Photo & Graphic Designer, Page & Layout Designer and Web Designer Premium which will allow you to decide which product is best for you. Designer Pro is our flagship product that includes the functionality of all the other Designer titles.


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