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Photo Clip tool

Clip Tool

The Clip tool offers similar functions to cropping, with the exception that the changes it makes to the image are non-destructive, so the image can be easily returned to its unclipped state at the touch of a button.

The Clip tool is accessible from the Photo tools fly-out menu, it is the second icon from the left. To use the tool, select the image you want to clip, then select the tool.

You will notice that the modes around the image change to hollow squares. You can use these to drag the sides of the image in to clip the image.

Another way to clip an image is to click and hold the left mouse button, then lasso select an area within the image you want to clip. The way this lassos will be affected depending on the state of the 'Lock aspect' option which can be seen in the images in the slideshow.

The slideshow below shows a simple clipping method of an image.

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