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Can I create custom bullet and numbered lists?

The program has the ability to include your own graphical designs for the 'bullet character' and the number on the start of bullet or numbered lists. This can make a significant improvement in the presentation quality of any list.

There is a list of example custom bullets and numbered lists in the Content Catalogue under Components > Print & Web Components > Bullets and Numbers (All versions except Web Designer classic)

How do I add my own graphic as a bullet or numbered list?

To design your own bullet or number graphic, just use any of the normal vector editing tools available to draw your bullet. In the case of a number graphic, just place a single text item in the right place (typically centered), and group (Ctrl + G) the result.

Now copy (Ctrl + C) the group to the clipboard.

In the Text Tool, when you're in a bullet or number list, right click and select Paste as list item or Paste as list number. The graphic you put on the clipboard will now replace all the bullets or numbers in your list.

Additional notes: Pressing Tab, or using the text indent controls on the InfoBar will indent and produce a new indented sub-list, which can have its own graphic.

Can I control the type of numbering and start value of my numbered list?

In the text Tool, right click on a list and select the List Properties... menu to control the type of numbering, and the start number.

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