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My serial number doesn't work

Please see the below causes and solutions 

The red cross is not changing to a green check

This can caused by:

  • You have entered your serial number into the wrong program. This is especially applicable for version up to 10.
  • There is a typo in the serial number

To Fix:

  • Please ensure you have downloaded the correct version of your program for your serial number. If you are unsure, you can log into the Service Center and see all your products and the serial numbers against them.
  • Please ensure there are no typos in the serial number if you have entered it manually. Generally it's better to highlight your serial number, copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) so there are no mistakes, including the P2 or P3 part.

I'm getting an error code while trying to activate

Error code -14

This error code means the serial number is correct but it is being entered into the wrong program. For example if you enter a Web Designer serial number into Designer Pro

To fix: Simply download the correct version for your serial number. You can see what program you should be downloading next to the serial number in the Service Center. If you believe this is incorrect, you can contact our sales team here.

Error code -24

This error code means the email address you have entered doesn't match the email address the serial number is registered to.

The majority of cases this is simply a typo in the email address. If you believe the email address to be correct, please contact support here with your serial number who can identify what email address it is registered to.

Error code -1

This means either something is blocking Xara's connection to the activation servers such as an anti-virus program, or your internet explorer settings are misconfigured. Xara uses IE protocols to connect to the internet regardless of what browser you have set as default, and would be affected if the security settings are too high.

To Fix: Please see this article which explains the steps involved.

My firewall is blocking Xara from activating

This could be caused by either or a number of the below:

  • A local firewall, including firewalls that can be found within some anti-virus programs
  • An external firewall such as one found in routers
  • Your ISP is blocking Xara's address.

To fix this:

  • Try disabling any local firewall, such as one found in windows or any other security program you may have installed.
  • Disable any firewall built into your router or an external hardware firewall if you are using one. You will have to consult with the manufacturer of your router on accessing your router
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider to confirm the following addresses below aren't being blocked:
    • &
    • Port 80 (http) & 443 (https)

It's unlikely but it's also possible some other program or service may be preventing Xara from activating. If after all the above you still can't activate, try booting in safe mode with networking, so no other service is running other than core windows files.

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