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How do I update or redefine existing text styles?

To update an existing Text Style:

  1. Select some text already in the style you want to update.

  2. Apply whatever changes you require, say an alternative font, or font size.

  3. Select "Update Style" from the Style drop-down menu on the Text InfoBar.

For example to change all the "Normal" text to be a different font, select a few words in the "Normal" text Style, change the font (and any other attribute) and then select "Update Style" from the Style Menu on the Text Tool InfoBar.

Note: When you update a style based on a selection of text, the updated style is re-applied to the selection. So if you select just a few characters of a Heading 1, say, and make it a new colour, then do an Update Style "Heading 1", the whole paragraph will take on this new colour (because it's a paragraph style and can only apply to whole paragraphs).

Redefining Text Styles

To redefine a Text Style to match an unstyled text selection - for example if you have imported some text into a document, maybe as a PDF; and you want an existing Style to take on the attributes (font, text size, colour etc) of the imported text.

  1. Place the text cursor within the unstyled text.

  2. Select "Update Style to Match..." from the Style drop-down menu on the Text Infobar.

  3. Choose the Style you wish to match the selection to from the "Update Style to Match..." dialog.

  4. Tick the appropriate checkboxes to decide if you want the Text Style to match only the unstyled text, and/or all similar text in the document. Uncheck "Apply to all similar text in this document" if you only want the Style to be applied to the paragraph containing the text cursor.

  5. Click Apply. The previously unstyled text is now the selected Text Style.

For a style to be applied to all similar text within the document, the text must have the same font and font size over more than 50% of a paragraph, and it must also have the same justification and indentation settings (within a 10 millipoint tolerance).

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