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How do I create a placeholder in Xara?

A Placeholder is an object in Xara Web Designer which you replace with another embedded object.  A Placeholder can be replaced with HTML Code, a Flash file or another graphic file.  This allows you to embed a great number of services directly in to a Xara Web designer web page, such as Google Adsense, videos, maps, album slideshows and thousands of other available services and widgets. 

Creating a Placeholder with the Rectangle tool

  • Select the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle in your document.
  • Set the width and height of the rectangle to be the dimensions of the external object you wish to insert in to your web page
  • You can now position the rectangle and apply the code provided by the widget provider to the rectangle via Web Properties | Placeholder tab.
  • Enable Re-generate placeholder image automatically to display the generated code.


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