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The Text Tool

The Text tool is accessible from the Toolbar on the left. All Text related controls are accessible from the Text Tool infobar.

How do I add text to my document?

Xara support three basic type of text objects.

  1. Simple text lines: Click on the page, and type.

    If you wish to type a small amount of simple text, position the pointer where you want to enter text and click. A red cursor appears where you clicked and you can now start typing on the keyboard. Simple text is not suitable for large paragraphs of text because there is no automatic line wrapping (because the width is unlimited). Use a Text Column or Text Area instead.

  2. Text columns: Click and drag to create a column, and type.

    If you are entering larger amounts of text, over multiple lines, using a column is more useful. Changing the width of the column will automatically re-flow the text. To type a column of text:

    1. Select the Text Tool.
    2. Move the mouse pointer where you want the column to start.
    3. Drag right to create a horizontal line the width of the column. This red line  just shows you the width of the column. It is never exported or printed.
    4. Type in the text. You don't need to press "Enter" at the end of a line. When the text reaches the edge of the column, it automatically flows onto a new line.

  3. Text areas: Click and drag diagonally to create a rectangular area, and type.

    Enable the Text Tool and click and drag diagonally on the page to create a rectangular text area. The blinking cursor will be positioned in the top left corner and you can type or paste text.

    A text area can contain a "flowing" text story. This is where a single piece of text flows from one text area to another. It's called flowing text because, like water, as you add or remove text in one area it overflows into connected text areas or flows back from text areas. If the text overflows the bottom of the text area the overflowing text is shown grey, although you can continue to edit this text as usual.


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