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Photo Clone tool

Clone Tool

Version 6 provided a easy way to 'erase' regions of photos by copying (cloning) parts of a photo from one place to another, even from one photo to another. Version 7 introduced a Magic Erase tool to further simplify erasing unwanted parts of your photos. Further improvements in Designer Pro X and XPGD MX means it now uses current result photo as the source, instead of the original photo (for manual and magic erase clone objects). This makes it more WYSIWYG in that when you’re cloning or copying (or Magix erasing) an area then it uses the current visible edited picture as the source, and not the unedited original image as previous versions did.

The clone tool is accessible from the photo tool fly out menu. The tool allows you to draw a freehand line around the area you want to erase, it is shown as a 'marching ants' dotted outline. Now just drag anywhere on the photo outside the clone area or another photo to pick the new source for this area.

An example is included below. alternatively, View Movie

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