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Can I anchor objects?

What is an anchored Graphic?

An anchored graphic is any object, composite object or group, which is tied (anchored) to a position in some text, so that as the text moves because of editing, the graphic object will move to remain at the same relative position. 

How do I anchor a graphic?

Click on the object you wish to anchor with your right mouse button and choose the Anchor to text option. However, if you also want to edit anchoring properties, you can right click on the object and select Repelling & Anchoring to display the Text repelling & anchoring dialog.  Select the Move graphic with text checkbox.

Can my anchored object move vertically and horizontally? 

By default Move vertically only is also selected, so that your anchored graphic will only move vertically as the text is edited. You can click to deselect this option to allow the graphic to move horizontally with the text. This may be useful if, for example, the graphic is around the same size as the text height and you want it to stay between specific words or in a specific place in a sentence. 

How do I know my graphic has been anchored and can I change the letter the graphic is anchored to?

An anchor symbol appears in the top left of the object, indicating it's now anchored.  Using either the Selector Tool or Text Tool, click and drag the anchor symbol so that a red arrow appears. Move the arrow head and drop it in the location in the text where you would like the object anchored. A red caret (inverted 'T' mark) indicates the anchor position. As you edit the text around this caret mark, the anchor point and anchored object moves with the text.  Note: If you drag the anchoring arrow to a place on the page where there is no text, the arrow turns into a red anchor that indicates the object's anchoring properties will be lost if it's dropped here. This also happens when the arrow is dropped on the object itself.

The ability to repel groups and composite objects was introduced in version 5. Version 6 introduced anchoring which allowed you to anchor groups and composite objects.  Version 7 allows for the same group or composite object to be repelled as well as anchored.

Note: If an anchored object is also set to repel, only the text that the object is anchored to is repelled.

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