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Photo Effects

Photo Effects

Photo & Graphics Designer 9 comes with 11 new photo effect, available from the Live Effects tool .

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Where is the Live Effects tool in PGD9 and later?

The Live Effects tool is part of the Photo tool group.

Click on the Fx icon (Live Effects Tool) to access the Photoshop plug-ins and built-in effects.

How do I apply one of the new photo effects ?

To apply any Live Effect, select the photo, and the FX tool. Click New to see a list of effects. The new effects included are listed below

  • Fake HDR - Simulates the effect of high dynamic range
  • Orton - Blurs the image to accentuate some colors
  • Little Planet - Turns the image into a mini planet
  • Pencil - Turns an image into various drawings
  • Tilt Shift - Blurs parts of the image with the slider settings
  • Lomo - Distorts colors to create a processed look
  • Color Splash - Turns image into b&w retains some colors
  • Polarized Grayscale -  Cycles through Polarized values
  • Color mix - Mixes red green and blue color channels
  • Sepia -  Creates a range of sepia color options
  • Thermal - Simulates a thermal imaging camera


Can I apply more than one effect to the same photo?

You can apply multiple Live Effects, one on top of another. Each remains editable, and you can edit the value of any, or even remove an effect from the stack via the Live Effects infobar.

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