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One or more filters are missing from my program

If you find certain import or export filters are missing, such as PDF Import and Export, Photoshop PSD or even HTML export, then it's worth initially attempting to run the program as the administrator to see if it resolves the problem.  If filters are missing then you might encounter an error message when attempting to export as a PDF, or when exporting a website/ previewing a website such as 'unable to find filters for this import' or similar. Running the Program with administrative rights Right click on the programs desktop shortcut and select 'Run as administrator'. If problems continue; Attempt a manual registration of the DLL. 

  1. Quit the program, if it is running. 
  2. Copy the full path of the DLL in question to your clipboard.  
    The program DLL files are stored in the Filters folder within the program installation folder.

    example:  The full path of HTMLFilter.dll is

    32 bit installation: C:\Program Files (x86)\Xara\[Xara program name]\Filters\HTMLfilter.dll
    64 bit installation: C:\Program Files\Xara\[Xara program name]\Filters\HTMLfilter.dll   (replace  [Xara program name] with the Xara program you are using )

  3. Run a command prompt as Administrator.  

    Select Windows start > All Programs > Accessories > Right click on Command Prompt and 'Run as administrator'

  4. Attempt to register the DLL
     type regsvr32 "
     right click on the command prompt window title bar to display a context menu.  Select Edit > paste.
     type " and press return.

    Windows will attempt to register the DLL in question and return a message window to indicate success or failure.

  5. If a success message is returned then attempt to run the program and see if the problem is resolved. 

Creating log files for further analysis. If problems continue, please add the log files to a zip and include them in your support ticket. Debugview

  1. Quit the program, if it is running. 
  2. Run the DebugView program. This can be run directly from the link at
  3. Run the Xara program
  4. Attempt to export to the export type which is resulting in the error
  5. Quit the Xara program again
  6. In DebugView select Save As from the File menu and save the output to somewhere you can find it (it should default to the standard Documents folder). 

Advanced: Dependency Walker can be used to identify if a DLL the Xara Filter DLL depends on does not have administrative privileges.  Dependency Walker can be downloaded  from  

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