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Perspective Correction

Perspective Correction

A simple one-click way to automatically correct common perspective effects was introduced in version 6.

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To apply perspective correction to your image, select the photo, and then the Perspective Correction tool.


The image on the left, taken inside a very large Basilica building in Rome, shows the common perspective effects of photos taken with a camera close to the ground. To get a 'straight on' photo would require it to be taken from a height of probably 30 feet. The perspective correction tool can create a similar effect automatically (right example).

Simply select the photo, and then the Perspective Correction tool. The process can take some time, depending on the resolution of the image.

Tip: The resulting corrected photo is in a raw BMP format which can take a lot of memory and so you are recommended to optimize your photo to be a JPEG format to reduce the memory and file size. Select the menu Utilities -> Optimize Photo...

Some examples of photos where the perspective has been corrected can be viewed below.

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