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Can I configure the default location on my server to which my website will be published?

Web servers will transfer you to a particular directory when accessing the server via FTP.  This may or may not be the directory to which you should publish your website, and will depend on which directory your host has configured as your default.  As an example, some web servers require you to publish files to a directory named public_html for the files to be visible when visited via a web browser.  Your host may have configured your FTP access to automatically log you in to the public_html folder or may have set the default folder to be a directory above the public_html folder.

If you are unsure which directory is set as your default login folder, or the path to the directory where your public files should reside then we recommend asking your hosts the following questions:

What is the default folder I am logged into when accessing my web space via FTP?
What is the path from my default folder to where my web pages should be uploaded?

Your hosts will provide you with the relative path to the folder where your web pages should reside.

If the directory where your web pages should be published differs from your login directory, then this relative path should be entered in the Sub-folder(optional) field from the Web Properties | Publish tab | Other web host

Version 11 provides the ability to auto set the subfolder path from the Explore web space dialog.  complete your FTP details and click on the 'Explore web space' button. click through to the folder you wish to publish to and click on the 'Set as subfolder path' button.  Click on close to be directed back to the Other web host with your subfolder path auto populated. 

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