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Can I update objects across multiple pages in Xara Web Designer?

Xara Web Designer allows you to update many objects at once across one or several pages.  This enables you to edit the logo for example on one page or move its position and cause the logo to be repeated in the same place on the other pages in your website document.

The majority of the headings in the pages in the Designs Gallery, along with the navigation bars, have Repeating applied to them.  You can alter the heading text and then select Arrange | Update Repeating Objects and the changes will be reflected on all pages in your website document.

Web Designer also allows you to create your own Repeating Objects.  Select the objects you wish to have repeated across every page in your document and select Arrange | Repeat on all pages.  This will cause the selected objects to be copied to the exact same positions across every page of your document.

To create your own Repeating Objects, select an Object / Group / Soft Group, right click on it and select Names or click on the Apply name icon from the selector info InfoBar.

Give it a name beginning with Repeating: followed by a unique name. for example  Repeating:MyButton1.

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