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Timeout errors when publishing


Timeout errors could be caused by a large number of reasons. Essentially there are 3 points of failure - with the Xara application, with your PC (the network, including routers), and with your host itself. This guide will go through how to diagnose and eliminate those possibilities.

1) Restart your PC

Whilst this sounds cliché, it is a good start for a number of reasons. There might have been an update that is blocking network processes, or something that is slowing the connection enough to trigger a timeout.

2) Confirm credentials

Especially if you are using SFTP or FTPS. Timeouts can occur if your login credentials are incorrect. This is a deliberate security measure to help protect your account, similar to how if you attempt to log in too many times in Windows, it'll lock you out for a while.

3) Confirm correct FTP method

If your host only accepts FTPS or SFTP, and you try to connect with FTP, it'll likely throw a timeout error trying to connect. Confirm with your host, and then you can change the connection type in Utilities > Web Properties > Other Hosts Settings > Connect using...

4) Disable all security systems

This isn't as common as the above but has happened in the past, where a security system will see a number of files being uploaded from your system and believe it to be a possible attack or theft of information. Disable the systems temporarily, and try uploading now. If that works, you can add an exception in the security application.

There's also a chance your router may have a firewall that is blocking the connection. This is something you'll need to check with the manufacturer of your router.

5a) Try publishing with a third party FTP tool

Best to use something like WinSCP or FileZilla. Export your website by going to File > Export Website, create a folder and export it there.

Then open the FTP tool, connect, and try to upload the contents of your newly created folder to your host. If it works, then it's something with Xara's configuration or credentials, see step 2 and 6. If it doesn't, that leaves 2 options:

5b) Try publishing from another computer

Preferably on another network although often that's not possible. This would eliminate the other possibility and leave only 1 other point:

5c) Contact your Host

Hosts normally have a 99.9% uptime and the vast majority of the time they are not the cause of timeouts, however, Sometimes they do have to go down for maintenance or possible network / power outages. Uncommon but not impossible. There's also a chance something might be misconfigured on their end, doesn't hurt to check.

6) Generating a log file

If it is failing when uploading from Xara, then we can likely fix this! Firstly, we need to identify what and where is failing, and to do this, we'll need to generate a log file of the publish.

1) Close Xara (super important)

2) Go to Start > Run > Type 'regedit' and press enter

3) In the left hand side, navigate through the file tree to:



XtremePro x64 for Designer Pro X

XtremeProSub x64 for Designer Pro+

WebDesigner x64 for Web Designer

WebDesignerPremium x64 for Web Designer Premium


16 for Version 16, 17 for Version 17 and so on. You can check what version you are using by going to Help > About in Designer Pro. If you open it to check, don't forget to close it again after. For DP+, it'll say 17 instead of 20

4) There should be a key called "FTPTrace". Double click that, and change the value to 1. Press OK.

5) Download this program. DebugView is a program that captures the information output that Xara will throw out in the background.

6) Start DebugView.

7) Start Xara and try to publish. When it timeouts, switch back to debugview and then go to File > Save Log. Save it on your PC somewhere and send us that .LOG file

7) Increasing the timeout period in Xara

If after sending us the log and we've directed you back here, it's possible that Xara simply isn't given enough time to establish a connection, especially common in areas with slow or poor internet access. In which case, we can give Xara more time to access:

1) Close Xara (super important)

2) Go to Start > Run > Type 'regedit' and press enter

3) In the left hand side, navigate through the file tree to:


*For program and version, see step 6 again

4) Change the values:

ConnectTimeout - "20000"

LoginTimeout - "20000"

ResponseTimeout - "20000"

This is the time in milliseconds, i.e. 20 seconds

5) Click OK and close, re-open Xara and try to publish again.

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