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Link to dialog

Any objects in your website document that have a link applied to them within the Link tab in Web Propeties will display this dialog when they are selected.

Nav bars also display this message for the button on the nav bar that you have clicked on.

Widgets that have been dragged into your site from the Designs Gallery and file placeholders that have been created by drag dropping a video file in also display a variation of this dialgo when selected.

Objects and link types that do not display this dialog box include:

Links applied on the Mouse-over tab in Web Properties
Manually created placeholders

What edits can be made using this dialog?

Objects with links applied

This dialog allows you to quickly remove a link that is applied to an object by clicking Remove.

To edit any of the properties of the link click Edit to open the standard Web Properties dialog where all regular link editing options can be applied.

Nav Bar

The pop-up link dialog will display with details of the button that has been clicked on. Clicking Edit from this dialog will open the Nav Bar Properites dialog.


After selecting a widget and clicking Edit from this dialog the editing window for the widget will open.

 Why do only some objects allow me to follow the link from the dialog?

For some link types, clicking the link in the link pop-up dialog will follow the link to its destination as a quick way of seeing where the link goes to.

This is only supported by a number of link types, not all of them. If the link that is applied is either a URL or Email, Link to Page, Link to Anchor or Link to File then the link will be followed when it is clicked on.

The exact action that is taken depends on the type of link applied to the object you have selected.

  • If a URL is applied in the Link to Web or Email Address field, clicking this will open your default browser and navigate to the URL. Note: only full and valid URL's can be followed, relative links cannot be followed.
  • If an email address is applied in the Link to Web or Email Address field, clicking this will open a new email message using the email address in the link
  • If a link to another page in your website document has been applied using the Link to: menu, Xara will jump to that page in your website document. Note: Links to Next and Previous Presentation Steps do not follow the link.
  • If a link has been applied to navigate to an anchor point using the Link to anchor menu, Web Designer will jump to that anchor point in your website document.
  • If an object has been linked to an external file such as a PDF or Word document in the Link to file field, that file will be opened in its default program, eg a PDF file will be opened in the default PDF viewer on your computer.
  • If you have selected a widget and clicked edit the appropriate widget editing file will be opened
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