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Is there a way to select a number of objects inside a design through a marquee or anything similar?

Designer Pro only -: A new 'scribble select' feature allows you to select objects by just drawing a freehand line over the page - all objects that the line touches are added to the selection.

Click on the selector tool (shortcut V) Hold down the Alt key and your left mouse button and drag your the objects you wish to select.

PGD and Designer Pro  - A Marquee select option provides an Adobe-like selection so that any objects that the marquee rectangle touches are selected. Select Utilities | Options | General. Select the radio option labelled 'Select items touched by rectangle' below the subheading 'Marquee Object Selection'

Select the selector tool (shortcut V) and hold down your left mouse button. Drag your mouse towards the objects you wish to select and any item that the marquee rectangle touches will be selected.

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