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Widgets in Xara

Can I insert external widgets in to my web page?

Xara Designer Pro and Web Designer allow you to replace any object with HTML code. This allows you to easily insert external objects in to your web pages such as videos from You Tube, Google maps, movies, photo albums and many, many other types of widgets/gadgets.

Xara provides access to a number of widgets directly from the Designs gallery.

Open the Designs gallery, expand one of the widgets folders and drag and drop the desired widget within your document.  There are two types of widgets.  Third party services and internal widgets.  

Third party services

A browser window will open directing you to the widget providers site. Follow the onscreen instruction in order to create your widget or click on the help button within the browser window. Xara will automatically generate a placeholder image for the widget being inserted allowing you to position it in a WYSIWYG manner.

Internal widgets

Double click the widget placeholder from within your main document to be directed to the internal widget editor.  The widget editor provides a full set of instructions on how to edit the widget. Upon completion, save the widget.  Xara will direct you back to your main editing document and automatically generate a placeholder image for the widget being inserted allowing you to position it in a WYSIWYG manner.

Can I resize the widgets?

The ability to resize widgets has been introduced in version 8.

To resize a widget, click on it to display its selection handles. Click and hold down your left mouse button on one of the corner selection handles and drag to resize the widget as required. The widget preview will automatically regenerate displaying the widget at its resized size.

Note: not all widgets are resizable.

How do I edit a widget ive inserted into my page?

Simply double click the widget to be directed to the internal editor/ cause the internal browser to open and be directed to the widget provider.  

Can I edit all aspects of the widgets?

The widgets are pre-created effects which allow you to alter the main content that is displayed when viewing the widget within a web browser. It is currently not possible to edit every aspect of a widget and each widget displays instructions on editing the widget within the widget editing document.

As an example, the Accordion widget will allow you to

Edit the Title Text label - Change the title text as required.
Edit the Heading Text label - Change the heading text as required.
Edit the Main Text - Change the main text as required.
Edit the link - Change the link to link to the address of your choice or delete the text link if its not required
Replace the image - Replace the image with your own and adjust the position of the image in its frame
However, altering the font family or size of the text, changing the target frame for the link or applying additional links to the text will have no effect within the exported widget.

Can I insert third party code/ widgets not provided via the Designs Gallery?

Xara does not restrict you to only inserting the widgets from within the widget gallery. Any external widget can be inserted within the program. See our widget guide for more information. 

Where can I find additional help on the widgets?

The Xara widget guide can be accessed from here

Are there any license information related to the widgets?

Several of the internal widgets use a variety of plugins mostly available for use via the MIT license.  License information is available from here.

Can I insert widgets within layers that have transition effects applied?

Many widgets won’t work properly if they are used on pop-up layers or layers that appear with an animated transition effect. Some simple widgets will work fine in these circumstances, but many of the more complex widgets, like the Eye Catcher widgets, will not. Results will vary with different widgets and even with different browsers.

I cannot find the Magix widgets in the Designs Gallery

The Magix widgets have been temporarily removed from the Designs Gallery while the service is being updated.

In the meantime you can still access these widgets by going to then click the Sign In button in the top right corner and sign in with your Magix registered email address and password.

Once you've signed in, hover over 'Website Maker' and click the Quickstart button to dispay a menu.

From this menu select 'Create Widget' and you'll have the different types of widgets you can create on the left menu, the widget is customised as it was before.

The only difference now is that once you get to step 3 you need to click the Copy button, then open Web Designer and go to Edit > Paste > Paste HTML Placeholder (Ctrl + V) to paste the placeholder into your page.

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