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Does Xara support a dynamic template page?

Some web page creation software allows you to create a template page which you can edit and have the edits applied to all the pages within your website.

There is no need to have a template page in Xara . The program allows you to have multiple pages in each document. Additionally theme colors are used in the templates, so altering a theme color will cause the color to update across all pages in the document and not just one. Web Designer also allows you to Apply 'repeating' to an object or group of objects and insert the repeating object in all pages of your document. For example, you can therefore edit the button bar on page 1 and have the changes updated across the other pages in your web site. Web Designer will allow you to have multiple objects or groups set to be repeating so you can update your repeating objects on any of your pages and have the changes reflected across your entire website.

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