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What is a Photo group?

A Photo Group or a Clipped Photo Group is created in one of three different scenarios.

  • Applying a clone to a photo
  • Applying a red eye to a photo
  • Enhancing a masked area of the image via one of the Mask/ Region tools. 
  • Apply a Color select/erase

This allows the photo along with its alterations (red eye, enhance or clone operations) to be selected as one object

You can disassemble a Photo Group into its constituent objects by using the normal Ungroup function (Ctrl+U).


You can select the 'edit shapes' that are inside the group by using the normal Select Inside (Ctrl click) or using the Page & layer gallery to view and select the items within a Photo Group.


You can 'flatten' a Photo Group to become a normal JPEG by selecting the Photo Group and the menu Utilities -> Optimize Photo...

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