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Can graphics be embedded into text?

Embedded Graphic Options


You now have much more control over how text is formatted around objects that you paste "embedded " into text. As in previous versions, to embed an object copy or cut it to the clipboard (Ctrl + C or Ctrl + X), go into the Text Tool and place the text caret at the point in the text where you want to insert it, and then paste.

Now if the object you insert is wider than the text area or text column, the object is automatically resized down to the width of the text column. Right-click on the embedded object and choose the new quot;Embedding Optionsquot; entry near the top of the context menu.


In the first section of the new dialog you can specify how the embedded graphic should behave if the width of the text column/area is changed, or if the graphic flows into a text area with a different width.

Resize for narrower columns: With this option (the default), the object will resize down if it’s too wide for the text column, but it will not grow up above its original size if the column is wider than the object.

Resize relative to column width: This option allows you to specify that the embedded object should always be a fixed % of the column width.

Fixed size: This option turns off the automatic resizing, so the object will never change its size.

Scale only in horizontal direction: This option is useful mainly for simple divider or rule-off graphics, where you want the object to just stretch horizontally without getting taller or shorter depending on the column width. It’s useful only for very simple designs because more elaborate graphical divider designs are not likely to stretch well without looking distorted.


In this section of the dialogue you choose how the graphic should be formatted into the text. The default option is "Inline with text", which means the graphic behaves just as if it's a large text character in the text. So use this option when you want to include a graphic in a line of text as if it was a character, like this  or if you want it on a line of its own. This is how all embedded objects were formatted in earlier versions of Designer.


The bottom section of the dialog allows you to add some space around your graphic, so it doesn’t appear too close to the text or to the edge of the column. The embedded photos above have a margin of 50px applied on just one side, to make sure there is a gap between the text and the photos. You can specify different values for each of the 4 sides of your graphic, or use the lock  buttons if you want to have the same margin top and bottom, or left and right, without entering the same values repeatedly.

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