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Magic Erase Tool

What is the Photo Magic Erase Tool?

The Magic Erase tool was introduced in version 7 and allows objects to be rapidly and effectively erased from images, it is a new feature of the clone tool and automates the erasing of the selected part of the image.

How do I use the Photo Magic Erase Tool

To use this feature, first select your photo and then in the Clone Tool draw around the part of the image you want to erase (eg. an unwanted person in a photo). Then click the “Magic erase” button on the infoBar. The image is examined and the clone shape you drew is filled with bits of image sampled from other parts of the photo.

What do I do if i dont like the results after applying the Magic Erase?

The tool chooses parts of the image that match the edges of the clone shape and blends in the clone 'patch'. There is a random element used in this process, so if you don’t like the results simply click the "Magic erase" button again and a different patch will be applied. After you’ve sampled a few, if necessary use undo to go back to the one you liked best.

Can I see the examples of the magic erase tool?

View Movie View examples from here

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