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I have just installed the trial, but it tells me I have no trial days remaining.

There are several possible reasons for this message:

1. Previous installation found

Have you previously installed the Xara program on your system? You only have one chance of trailing each version of each Xara product, though note if you have access to another machine you can install the trial on a new machine. 

2. Unable to write to registry

The demo time-check code is both simple and robust but can be prevented from working by over-zealous anti-virus software! As with all software, it is best to temporarily disable all anti-virus software before installing new applications, otherwise registry entries may be prevented from being written to your system.

3. Alterations to your system clock

Returning to a system restore point or other amendments which affect the system clock. - changes to your system clock can cause problems with the calculation of the trial period remaining.  

4. User account has insufficient access rights.

If your system is equipped with Windows XP or later, then make sure you have logged on to the system as 'Administrator' or right click on the program execuable and select to 'run as administrator' before installing any Xara software.

Once the trial has expired it is not possible to retry the product (but note: A 30 day money back guarantee is provided with all Xara products and so if you buy something and you're disappointed, then we will refund your money on return of the product.)

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