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Can I import Acorn Draw or ArtWorks files?

You can import Acorn Draw files into Xara Photo & Graphic Designer or Designer Pro.

You cannot import native ArtWorks files. However, Xara Photo & Graphic Designer / Designer Pro will successfully import ArtWorks EPS files (see the Export option of ArtWorks).

Note: Due to differences in font handling between RISC OS and Windows, any text within ArtWorks EPS or Acorn Draw files will be ignored by Xara.

In ArtWorks you must use the Make Shapes command to produce a graphical version of the text before exporting as EPS.

Similarly, with Draw, you must use the Convert to Path command on any text in the file.

Once imported into Xara, if you need to edit your text, you will have to recreate the text using one of your installed Windows fonts.

Note: Xara will not import Acorn Sprite files, or any bitmap data in your Draw or ArtWorks files. You will have to convert the bitmap data into a suitable Windows compatible format on your Acorn machine before importing the bitmap separately.

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