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How do I change the default document in Xara 3D Maker?

Deleting the default text

Select all text with a Ctrl A and hit delete.

Type in your own text.

Note: you can switch between plain text headings, buttons, headings with backgrounds or borders by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the left hand toolbar that looks like X.

Once you have entered your own text you can experiment with the other options such as color, bevel, lighting, extrusion, lighting and animation by clicking on the buttons in the left hand toolbar.

Creating your own default document

Open the required document which you want to use as the default document or create your own

Select File -> Set as Default and confirm the change by selecting Yes

Disabling the animation

Xara 3D Maker 7 displays a default design with animation enabled when selecting to create a new document.

You can disable the animation by clicking on the animation button from the standard toolbar or by clicking on the stop button located on the timeline toolbar.

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