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How do I control the target frame in which my web pages are retrieved?

You can specify the button name, URL address, target frame and the Alt text for each button. 

In the target URL field, enter the name of the frame from which you wish to have your web pages retrieved. 

Consider the following example.  I have a web page named index.htm, which retrieves 3 frames - menupage.htm, welcome.htm and botton.htm 

My NavBar is inserted within the web page menupage.htm and I want the linked to web pages to be retrieved within welcome.htm.  As the name of welcome.htm is main, I simply enter main as the target field for the buttons upon my NavBar



<title>My Frames Page</title> 


 <frameset cols="120,*"> 

<frame src="menupage.htm" name="menu"> 

<frameset rows="*,50"> 

<frame src="welcome.htm" name="main"> 

<frame src="bottom.htm" name="bottom"> 




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