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Can I create presentations in all versions?

No. This feature is only available in Designer Pro X and Web Designer Premium but not in PGD MX 2013 or Web Designer MX

How have Presentations been enhanced in recent versions?

  • Slide Navigation: On any slide of the Presentation on the Web if you move your mouse to the lower left corner of the browser window, you get a pop-up page navigation control that includes a menu of all slides, thus allowing direct jumping to any slide.
  • Layer-less bullet lists The new graphical bullet and numbered list feature (see later) creates automatic presentation steps (each bullet or numbered item is treated as a separate step in the presentation). This makes a huge improvement to the usability and productivity when creating lists. You can control the animation style of the steps, and if required you can turn this feature off using the right click menu (on the list in the Text Tool): Presentation -> Present by paragraph - This works for bullet lists, numbered lists and plain paragraphs of text.

Where can I find more information about presentation features?

Please refer to the program help. Additionally you will find a tutorial on presentations here and additional tutorials from the Xara resource section.


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