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How do I use auto text correction?

From version 11 we've introduced a new automatic text correct facility.  This allows you to set up your own shortcuts for terms or abbreviations that you tend to type regularly. For example, typing (c) would change it to ©. This feature is available from the text toolbar..

From there select the "Auto Correct Options"...

And tick the box at the top labled "Auto Correction Enabled".

To add an entry, click the Add button, type out the characters you wish to change, and then in the next field, the characters or symbol you wish to change it to. You can change it to a font awesome symbol by clicking on the Pick Symbol button.

Example use of the auto correction tool

if you want to be able to type “wdp” and have that instantly replaced with “Web Designer Premium”, simply press the Add button and enter “wdp” in the replace field and “Web Designer Premium” in the with field. All text in the dialog is forced to lower case, but the replacement tries to be smart about use of case,

  • WDP is replaced with WEB DESIGNER PREMIUM 
  • wdp is replaced with web designer premium 
  • Wdp is replaced with Web Designer Premium

Can I auto-correct existing text?

No. We would suggest using the search and replace feature to change the existing text.

Can I replace text with a Font Awesome symbol?

You can also replace text you type with a symbol from the Font Awesome symbol collection included in Web Designer, to make it easy to enter commonly used symbols into text. Enter the text you want to replace, click in the “With” field and press the “Pick Symbol…” button to bring up the symbol picker dialog. The symbol you choose will appear in the “With” field.

My characters change to a square when auto replacing the text

This will be because the font you are using doesn't have the symbol or character within the fonts subset. Either switch off the feature and type out what you want to type, or use a different font.

Is auto text correction available in Web Designer as well as Web Designer Premium?

No, this feature is only available in the premium version.



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