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Xara Web Designer 10 and Xara Web Designer 10 Premium update

Updating To update your installation, simply start the program and it will automatically find any available update. Alternatively use the "Update program" facility in the program Help menu. Note you need to have unlocked AND registered your program to receive updates. 

Change Summary 

- JotForm forms were not working in version 10 websites. They now work, but please note that when used in RWD sites, you must select the 'iframe' button rather than the 'embed' button when copying your form code from Jotform. We hope to provide a better solution to this soon.

- Links to next and previous page not working in Firefox if page name contains a space. Fixed.

- Local font changes applied to whole text objects now preserved on paragraph style change.

- Several other fixes.  


30 April 2014 02:23 PM

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  1. Robert Turner

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