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Web Designer MX / Web Designer MX Premium 8.0.1 update

Updating Web Designer MX / Web Designer MX Premium

To update your installation, simply run the program and it will automatically identify an update if available. Alternatively use the "Update program" facility in the program Help menu.  Note you need to have unlocked AND registered your program for the update to work.

The 8.01 update includes the following changes.

  • Text graphic Alt text
    Images that are created during the export process from objects that include text, now have that text set as ‘Alt’ text on the image. So for example a graphical heading that shows the text “My Website” will now have that text set as image Alt text. This means the text can be indexed by search engines even though it’s presented as an image on the page, and it will be picked up by ‘read aloud’ tools used by the visually impaired.

  • Various bug-fixes
  • Help updates

 CREATED ON 04 April 2012 03:54 PM

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