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Xara Web Designer 7 and Xara Web Designer 7 Premium

We have just launched Xara Web Designer 7 and Xara Web Designer 7 Premium.

Web Designer 7 Premium is the upgrade route from Web Designer 6, and we’ve also introduced a new entry level version called simply Web Designer 7.

Information on what's new can be viewed from  and a chart comparing the features of Web Designer 7 and Web Designer 7 Premium can be viewed from here

Program Trial

As always, trial versions of both products are available for download from the website:

Supporting material

-  Help information can be found within the program help

- A guide to installing can be viewed from the troubleshooter 

- A dedicated forum available from here

- Xara Xone workbook is available from

CREATED ON 23 March 2011 04:55 PM

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