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Web Designer 7.03 update

Updating Web Designer 7

To update your installation, use the "Update program" facility in the program Help menu. You need to have unlocked AND registered your program for this option work. If you haven’t, when you invoke the update option you’ll be shown the unlock/register dialog again. Make sure you register using the same email address that you used to purchase the program, because each serial number can only be registered to one email address.

Update to 7.0.3 of Web Designer. Summary of update:-

  Version 7.0.3 includes the following changes and is the version that will be on the Web Designer 7 and Web Designer 7 Premium CDs.

 - Serious error when dragging guide objects from one spread to another. Fixed.

- Occasional serious error opening widget folder in Designs Gallery if a gallery update occurs at the same time. Fixed.

- Duplicate objects sometimes created when loading documents containing clipped photo fills. Fixed.

- Widget preview images shown on canvas are no longer exported and published

- Other minor fixes and help updates

To update your installation to this version, use Help => Update program

CREATED ON 07 April 2011 03:53 PM

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