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Tables can be found under Insert > Tables or alternatively, File > New from Content Catalogue > Components > Print & Web Components > Tables.

Controlling your table

Click the green handle at the top left to hide or show the table title / caption

Yellow handles along each column and row control its position. You can re-arrange any order of the columns and rows. The handles at the end of the columns / rows will add or remove a row when dragged.

The blue handles control either the size of the row or column, or its padding.

Cell borders and merging cells

Click on a cell and you will see a green handle appear. Click on the green handle to bring up this menu:

The buttons will toggle on and off when clicked. Toggle which side of the cell you wish to apply the border to, then you can apply a line width by setting a line width value at the top toolbar (and you can also apply a colour to it by right-clicking one from the bottom colour bar > Apply Line Colour).

To merge a cell, select two or more cells (Ctrl + Click), then click the green handle and click the merge button at the end.

Click the red cross to close the menu

Deleting a row or column

To delete a row or column, drag the orange row/column handle and bring it to the end. Then drag the green handle back one to remove the row.

Table colours

Tables support alternating row colours. When you drag to create a new row, it will take into account the previous two row colours and alternate between them.

If you wish to replace any colour within your table, you can select it with the selector tool, and then open the colour editor (Ctrl + E) and from the top drop-down, select the colour you wish to replace. You can also select a colour from the bottom colour bar and a pop-up dialog will ask you what 

The above applies from the patch If your update service is still active and you are on version 15, please go to Help > Check for updates to update. If you are on version 12, you will need to download version 15. Please find the link here for downloads.

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