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Xara EasyEnhance

What is Xara EasyEnhance?

EasyEnhance turns your photos into artistic masterpieces. Use the Live Effect tool with a wide range of 64 filters to create unique paintings. To enhance the original photo, use the distortion filters like “noise reduction” or the Enhance tool. Export any photo as high resolution to maintain the best quality possible from standard photo size to posters. is a powerful photo art creator.

You don’t need to be an artist to impress your family and friends with unique personalized masterpieces. Turn photos from weddings, birthday or travels into artistic creations.

Where can I buy EasyCut?

EasyEnhance was exclusively created for a MAGIX resell partner.

What’s the difference between EasyEnhance and other products within your range?

EasyEnhance main focus is to create artistic masterpieces of any photo with the Xara Live Effect tool. A comparison of all features of Designer Pro, Photo & Graphic Designer & Web Designer Premium can be viewed here.

How do I upgrade to the latest version?

The first Version of EasyEnhance was introduced in September 2018. For the moment there is only one version of EasyEnhance available.

Where can I find my download version of EasyEnhance?

If you bought the EasyEnhance box product via Newsoft please go to and insert your serial number do download EasyEnhance .

Is there a 64bit version available?

Yes EasyEnhance is a 64 bit version only.

Are there any demo movies for EasyEnhance ?

Have a look at the feature videos on our YouTube channel for Photo & Graphic Designer the features will work the same way in each Xara software.

Our Resource Index has a list of all Xara tutorials, which you can browse or search by keyword. Plus there is the Xara Xone which includes recent Xara tutorials plus links to many more from third parties.

Has EasyEnhance the Update Service?

EasyEnhance has no Update Service.

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