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Magic Color Match tool

Also known as the Palette from Photo tool, or Get Colours from Photo tool

For a perfect match between design and photo, use the new Magic Color Match feature to generate an entire color spectrum from a photo in a single click. You can then use this as a basic foundation for your graphics, illustrations or documents.

In the below example, all that has been changed is the image in the center, then selected and theme colors extracted using the new tool.

You can find this option from the Photo flyout toolbar at the end:

This option will become select-able after you have selected an image to extract the colors from. After clicking it, you will notice your main theme colors will change to that which has been taken from the image:

This will also create several shades from the main theme colors as well. Please note that this will only change your documents colors if you have used theme colors throughout.

Contoned Photos

If you have applied a contone to your image, the colour match will not take this into account when setting the theme colors.

This feature is available from Version 16 onwards

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