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Text inside shapes and Auto-fitting Text

Text inside shapes

You can place your text inside a shape and it will flow within the shapes outline like so:

These are some pre-made examples that can be found in the Content Catalogue under Components > Print & Web Components > Text Panels > Shape with Text / Icon with Text.

After inserting or drawing your shape, simply select the shape, click on the text tool and click within the shape. You will get a little pop-up asking whether you would like Auto-fit inside, Fixed inside or On Top.

Text inside shapes / Autofit will also work if you have a number of grouped shapes.

Auto-fit inside

This will scale the text to fit the entire shape. The more text you insert, the smaller the size of the text, and visa versa. 

Fixed inside

This will keep the text's pt/px size. If there is too much text, it will overflow the text container like so:

On Top

This essentially doesn't create a text-inside-shape object, but rather creates a text line on top of the shape if you don't want to create one inside of it.

If you wish to apply auto-fit to container to a plain text area, select the text tool, click inside the text area and then under the vertical alignment, click on Auto-fit to container:

Margins / Padding

After selecting the text-inside-shape object, you'll notice there is an outline of the shape around the text and 4 corner handles. This adjusts the margins of the text area, allowing you to make the text area inside smaller or larger.

Removing the background.

If you don't want the shape background and would rather just have the text only, you can right-click on the text-inside-shape object > Text inside > Select Shape. Then at the bottom colour bar click select the clear colour.

Auto-fit text inside shapes is available from version 16.0 onwards. Standard text inside shapes is available from 15.1 onwards

16.2 Update

We've now introduced the Shrink to fit option, which will not expand the text if there is room left in the shape, but rather will only shrink it if the text starts overflowing the shape. This is more similar to how applications like Microsoft's PowerPoint behave, and helps us provide better filters for importing and exporting such files.

This option can be found on the text toolbar under the Vertical Alignment menu.

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