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Can I see some example designs created in Xara?

There are several places displaying work created in  Xara .

The Xara Gallery at shows illustration and graphic design work created in Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro.

We also have a Website Gallery that displays websites created by customers using Web Designer  / Web Designer Premium / Designer Pro  (users can submit their site for consideration by selecting the 'include my website in the user gallery' option in the Publish dialog). And we have created some demo sites to specifically show off the features of Web Designer 11, demo site 1 and demo site 2 and v12 demo site 1, demo site 2 and demo site 3.

There is also a Xara Art Gallery and Xara Web Gallery forum on talkgraphics: where you can submit your own examples for discussion/admiration/constructive criticism by other Xara owners.

And there is a Featured Artist section in The Xara Xone:

Last but not least we feature Inspirational Art in our monthly newsletter The Outsider. You can find back issues and subscribe on our website.

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