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Photo & Graphic Designer 12.7 update

Date: 7th  June 2017

We’ve released a free update to Photo & Graphic Designer, bringing it up to version 12.7.0 under our Update Service.

New features are marked as NEW - June 2017 on our What’s New page @

Details have also been added to the Photo & Graphic Designer 365 release notes at


Summary of improvements

Online Designer option added

•    You can now access your online designer account by clicking on Share > Xara Online Designer. 

Content Catalogue additions

•    Social media templates (Facebook, Twitter, G+, Linked in, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr)
•    10 new Photo Filter overlays


•    10 new Timeline SmartShapes
•    Vertically aligned text panels (new handle in text panel smartshapes)
•    ‘Smart’ handles are now automatically shown when you select a SmartShape with the Selector Tool
•    Vertically aligned text panels (new handle in text panel smartshapes)

Change width of all pages option

•    If you now change the page width of a document that has 2 or more pages, a pop-up will ask you whether to change all page widths or just the one page.

Other improvements

•    Improved PDF and Word import and export
•    Improved support for multi-weight fonts
•    Various list editing improvements
•    Bar and column chart text style for labels
•    Ability to hide styles in the Styles menu
•    Right-click > Replace option for symbols inside groups

Updating To update your installation

Simply start the program and it will automatically find any available update. Alternatively, use the "Update program" facility in the program Help menu. Note you need to have unlocked AND registered your program to receive updates.


7th June 2017: Photo & Graphic Designer has been updated to 12.7.0  The update includes a change to the programs noticeboard mechanism.


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