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How do I set the image filename?

Having a descriptive image filename is good for a number of reasons, but predominantly to help contribute to your websites SEO. To set the image filename:

  1. Right-click on your image > Web Properties
  2. Click on the Image tab
  3. Enter the Image Filename here

The best filenames are ones that describe what the image is about, or what is happening in the image. For example, take this image:

seashore during golden hourNow, you could just enter the word "beach", which is technically true! However this isn't very descriptive and doesn't separate this image from the other beach images. A better name would be 'seashore-sunset-beach', which is more descriptive of what is within the picture without overdoing it.

Hyphens are always more preferable to separate your words, however if you do enter a space it will be replaced with an underscore on export. 

The file extension (.jpg / .png) is added automatically on export also, so you don't need to enter this.

Finally, if you enter the same name multiple times (which is common if you have a variant), Xara will stick an incremental number at the end to differentiate between them

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