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My Content Catalogue is showing locked or has no content

This could be due to a number of problems:

1) Most common case is when the serial number isn't recorded properly within the configuration files, so when you try to access the content, the serial number isn't present and Xara thinks its a trial version. The easiest

The easiest solution in this case is simply to re-install, it should delete and recreate the config files properly and enable the CC again.

2) IE has been disabled or is out of date. Xara uses Internet Explorer protocols to connect to the internet and download content / display the contents within these dialogs, even if your default browser is set to something else. If IE has been uninstalled or out of date, this can cause errors.

To update Internet Explorer, simply go to Start > type "update" to quickly jump the windows update settings and check for updates. If you have uninstalled IE, you can re-install it by going to Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off > IE 11

Finally, the CC is also affected by IE settings. If everything is locked down and disabled it can cause problems. Try going to Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Advanced > Reset. Please keep in mind that after doing any of the above, you'll need to close and restart Xara

3) If the above 2 don't work, we'll need to try and work out where its going wrong. If so, you can do the following which will help us in quickly identifying the problem:

  • Right-click within the Content Catalogue screen (but not over a template) > Properties > Triple-click the URL and copy.

This will give you the URL for the Content Catalogue, that also contains some information such as the product and your serial number. Firstly, open Chrome or Firefox and paste the URL in there, and see if that displays and works correctly.

  • If your CC within Xara displays nothing, but in a browser it does display the contents, it normally means something is wrong with IE. Try looking at the above instructions regarding IE
  • If nothing displays within Chrome or Firefox, it's unlikely but could be a security app or firewall blocking the address. In this case however it would be better to send the URL from the above address to us and we can check it out on our end.

To summarise if all the above fail, please contact support with the following information:

  • Does it work in previous versions, if you have used any.
  • Please send us the URL of your CC mentioned above.
  • Please let us know whether your CC is locked, or not appearing at all (or any other)

You can contact support by going to or email

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