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The Designs Gallery

How do I install the program templates after purchasing the program?

The Designs Gallery has had an overhaul to the way in which templates in the Designs Gallery are delivered to you, making it easier for you to get the templates after you have unlocked the program.

After you have installed and unlocked the trial version of Web Designer, the Designs Gallery will update and the content is immediately available to open without further installation by either double clicking a thumbnail in the Designs Gallery, or drag and drop the template into your open document.

What do the different coloured folders mean?

Red icons
When the program is being run in trial mode, before it's been unlocked with your serial number, most of the folders in the Designs Gallery will have a red icon. This means that this content is inaccessible until you have unlocked the program.  Folders displayed in red after activation such as the widget and template packs require an additional purchase in order to access the content.  

Blue icons
After the program has been unlocked with your purchased serial number, the folder icons will change to blue. This shows what content is available to be opened immediately.

Green icons
Within the Designs Gallery you can add folders from your local hard drive to the list so you can easily access your own files within the program. This is done by using the Disc Designs button at the top of the Designs Gallery. Once you add your own folders to the list, these are shown in green.

How do I install the Template Packs and Widgets Pack?

Important Note:  All of the widgets and most of the website themes from the packs, and all of the business web themes are now included in the current version of Web Designer Premium. If you own an older version of Web Designer you may want to consider upgrading to the latest version instead of buying any of the packs or business themes.

For previous versions, the Template, widget and web packs are dynamically added to the Designs Gallery. The folders will appear at the bottom of your Design Gallery.  These packs are available for purchase from here

The Designs Gallery is empty

The most common reason for this to happen is a firewall is blocking access to the internet from Web Designer.

Close the Xara program, then disable your firewall temporarily and then open Xara program.

If after doing that the Designs Gallery is then populated with folders you need to go back and re-enable your firewall and create a rule within it to allow Web Designer access to the internet. Consult the Help file within your firewall software for configuration options.

Additional steps on troubleshooting this problem can be found here


Changes to the Designs Gallery and Content Catalog from Version 12 (2016)

An enhanced Online Content Catalog is included free for one year as part of the Update Service. It now offers:

  • Regular updates to the templates as part of the Update Service
  • Full keyword search of the entire catalog
  • A new more logical structure to the content offering a better work flow

Keyword Searching

All content is now searchable, making it much easier to find templates and components to add to your document or website. Select a category folder on the left and then enter a keyword in the search field to search in that category only. Or select ‘All’ on the left to search all available content.

Local Designs Gallery

The Designs Gallery has now become the Local Designs Gallery. As the name implies, this now shows only content that you have present locally on your device, because it was downloaded from the Content Catalogue. This makes it easier to find and access designs you use regularly.

The folder structure in the gallery still mirrors that of the Content Catalogue and each folder in the gallery has a link allowing you to jump straight into the corresponding folder in the Content Catalogue, so you can easily view what other content is available for download into that folder. Whenever you open or import a design file from the Catalogue, that file then appears in the Local Designs Gallery and so you can use it even when offline.

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