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Version 20.3 Update

Date: 7th September 2020

Version Number:

We've Just released an update for Designer Pro+. The program should let you know on startup that an update is available, or go to Help > Check for Updates. 

What's New?

Selection UI

New SmartShape Handles

The handles on SmartShapes (tables, charts, shapes, text panels, etc.) have been improved, made more consistent and now match the handles used in Xara Cloud.

New Selector Tool Handles

The selection handles shown when in the Selector tool have also been updated. These are shown on all types of object that don’t have their own smart handles, and on all multi-selections as in the example below.

Footer Designs

These are new components that automatically size and position themselves at the bottom of the page on insertion. They are also made repeating on insertion, so that they appear on every page of your design.

Each footer typically has a logo, page number and a line of text.

To insert a footer use Insert > Footer …, which opens the Content Catalog onto the selection of footer components.

If you insert a new footer when there is already a footer in the design, the new footer replaces the old one and where possible the content of the old footer is maintained in the new footer.

Other Improvements

Image Import Resolution

In earlier versions of Designer large images imported into web documents were always automatically reduced in size to Full HD resolution. Designer now prompts about this so the user can choose to import either the original image or a reduced image, as when importing into print documents.

Google Fonts Update

40 new fonts added:
Alata, Alatsi, Baskervville, Bebas Neue, Bellota, Bellota Text, Caladea, Calistoga, Comic Neue, Courier Prime, DM Mono, Epilogue, Gelasio, Girassol, Gotu, Grenze Gotisch, Gupter, Ibarra Real Nova, Inria Sans, Inria Serif, Inter, Jomolhari, Jost, Kulim Park, Manrope, MuseoModerno, Odibee Sans, Oxanium, Public Sans, Recursive, Red Rose, Rowdies, Sen, Solway, Sora, Spartan, Sulphur Point, Tomorrow, Varta, Viaoda Libre

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