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Version 20.4 Update

Date: 7th September 2020

Version Number:

We've Just released an update for Designer Pro+. The program should let you know on startup that an update is available, or go to Help > Check for Updates.

What's New?

Selection UI

Improved Rotation Center Handling

By default when you rotate an object, the origin of the rotation is the object’s centre point. But you can move this origin to rotate any objects around a common origin point. First turn on visibility of the rotate centre by pressing the toggle button on the Selector Tool infobar.

Now you can drag on the center point handle to move it anywhere on the page. For example if you move it to the center of the page, then when you rotate the rectangle or any other objects, they will all rotate around the center of the page. Unlike in earlier versions of Designer, the visibility and position of the center handle is now maintained until you press the button again to turn visibility off. You can change selection, switch to and from other tools and even switch to different pages and the rotation handle keeps its position. To revert to normal, where objects rotate around their own centers, just turn visibility off again.

Selection box offsets on small objects

When you are zoomed out in Selector Tool, or have very small objects in your design, the selected object may be very small on screen so there is very little space for Designer to show the selection box with its handles. So now in such cases you will notice that Designer shows a larger selection box around the object, so it’s easier to work on it without having to zoom in.

New QuickShape handles

QuickShape Tool selection handles have been updated to match the new Selector Tool handle style.

PDF Import Improvements

Many fixes and improvements to import of PDF documents, including:

  • Fixed wrong fill colors on some shapes
  • Fixed CMYK image imported inverted
  • Fixed links to next/previous page not imported

Also some improvements to the export of imported PDF documents to web:

  • Fixed wrong font weights on some text in web export
  • Fixed narrow lines invisible in web export
  • Fixed dropped capitals wrong positioned
  • Fixed some embedded fonts failed to be exported to web
  • Text with outlines now export to web correctly
  • Image resolution now better in web export

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed spurious internal error when inserting footer components
  • Fixed selection indicator blobs lost.
  • Fixed serious error exporting document to PSD
  • Fixed small Caps corruption during edit inside
  • Fixed pasteboard range limit removed so objects dropped a long way from the page don’t jump from the drop position.
  • Fixed chevron SmartShapes now support click on + handle to add, as well as drag.
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